Honda Brio Automatic Launch on 18th October

The automatic Brio will cost between Rs. 50,000 and Rs. 70,000.

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Honda - Brio
Noida - Uttar Pradesh

The automatic Brio will cost between Rs 50,000 and Rs 70,000 above the regular hatchback model and will be powered by 1.2 liter iVTEC engine, however the automatic will give a fuel effeciency of 16.5 kmpl.

Hoping to capitalize on the festive demand in the Indian car market, Japanese automaker Honda will launch the Brio Automatic hatchback on the 18th of October. The Brio automatic will be powered by the same 1.2 Liter i-VTEC petrol engine good for 90 Bhp-110 Nm. The main change on the Brio Automatic will be in the gearbox department, where the 5 speed manual gearbox will be replaced by a 5 speed automatic torque converter. Notably, the 5 speed automatic gearbox is a class leading unit given that it has five ratios while the competition, read Hyundai i10, Hyundai i20 and Maruti A-Star, all offer only 4 speed automatic gearboxes.

Honda has chosen to cut costs by not offering the lighter and more fuel efficient CVT automatic gearbox, the likes of which is offered in the South East Asian market of Thailand. While the 5 speed torque converter is heavier, it is much cheaper than the CVT gearbox. This is expected to translate into a lower price tag for the Brio Automatic, a crucial concern in India, where the small car buyer is extremely price sensitive and where a few tens of thousands often make or break a car. The Brio automaticís gearbox will be borrowed from the Honda City, albeit with changed gear ratios to suit the Brio.

While the Brio Automatic will deliver a hassle free driving experience in the city, the car will deliver a couple of kilometers lower than the manual gearbox version, a small price to pay for the sheer convenience of an automatic gearbox. The Brio automatic is rated at an ARAI certified fuel economy number of 16.5 Kmpl. The hatchback is expected to be priced about INR 60,000 more than the manual gearbox version.

With the Brio Automatic, Honda will hope to wean buyers away from the likes of the Hyundai i10 Automatic, the Brioís main competitor in the small car segment. The Brio is one of the highest selling cars for Honda in India. In 2013, Honda is expected to launch a compact sedan based on the Brio. Also, a diesel engine for the Brio is on the anvil and this move is expected to single handedly propel Honda into gaining marketshare in the Indian car market. For now though, all eyes will be the Brio Automatic, which is the latest automatic car in town.


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